Greetings NASW Members! 

This is a collective website that will meet the needs of members in eight chapters across the heartland of the country. 

The eight chapters are Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

Each Chapter has staff that are currently working on the construction of the individual Chapter sites. In addition, this collaborative effort will eventually provide you with a regional continuing education calendar - highlighting CE events from all 8 chapters.

To access the individual Chapter sites, please click on the State name that is in the banner above this welcome.

About NASW 

The National Association of Social Workers is a national membership association dedicated to providing service and information to our members. The national office is located in Washington DC and every state has an NASW Chapter.  Membership dues is paid to the national office and the dues is split evenly between the national  and the chapter in which the member lives.

There are several nationally based websites that are of interest to Social Workers and others: (member website: code of ethics, standards, articles, resources) (focused for students considering a career and practice in Social Work) (for consumers seeking information and access to Social Workers in practice) (focuses on media and Social Work)


Join NASW now   

To qualify for membership in NASW, you must either be a student accepted into a Social Work program that is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) or your Social Work degree must be from a CSWE accredited school. 

NASW welcomes all Social Workers--bachelor, master, and clinical practitioners.   Join now

ONLINE Continuing Education

Most state licensing boards accept online continuing education for some or all of the requirements for licensure renewal.  Check with your own state to find out specifics. 
NASW chapters have developed an online resource, NASW Online CE Portal for your convenience.  These are excellent programs that may meet your licensure renewal needs.  Click here

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